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Reviving Vintage Vibes: Deep Skirting Boards for Grand Old Homes

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Strolling through an antique market or browsing online, when you spot a skirting board for sale that’s reminiscent of yesteryears, it’s like discovering a treasure. Deep skirting boards, with their intricate designs and wider profiles, are hallmarks of period homes. But when it comes to restoration, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure these beauties get the attention they deserve.

1. Understand Your Home’s Era:
Before diving into restoration, it’s vital to know the architectural period of your home. Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, each has its distinct skirting board styles. This knowledge ensures authenticity and aids in selecting the right patterns and designs.

2. Respect the Material:
Many old homes feature skirting boards made from solid wood. When restoring, it’s essential to be gentle. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the wood’s integrity. A gentle cleanser and soft cloth can work wonders.

3. Preserve Over Replace:
While it’s tempting to get a shiny new skirting board, period homes thrive on authenticity. If the original skirting is salvageable, invest time in repairing and refinishing it. This retains the home’s historic charm.

4. Match the Profile:
If replacement is the only way forward, ensure the new skirting board’s profile matches the original. Deep skirting boards from bygone eras have unique profiles, which are sometimes custom-made. Hunt for specialized manufacturers or artisans who can replicate these designs.

5. Paint Wisely:
Choose paints that complement the age of your home. While modern glossy paints can be tempting, they may look out of place. Matte finishes or those that replicate the paint textures of the past are your best bet.

6. Seal the Deal:
Post restoration or replacement, ensure the skirting board is well-protected. A good quality sealant can shield against moisture, pests, and other potential damages, making sure your skirting board stands tall for years to come.

7. Consult an Expert:
When in doubt, consult! Restoration experts or historians can provide invaluable insights into preserving the nuances of period homes.