From Shingles to Sales: A Roofing Saga Illuminated by Geofencing

It started out just like any other story in the roofing business. A local roofing company, armed with the best tools and a solid crew, was out to make a mark. But amidst the sea of competitors, the going got tough. That is until they stumbled upon a phrase that would pivot their trajectory: “roofing contractor geofencing marketing“. Curious and a tad skeptical, they delved into this new-fangled approach. What happened next? A whirlwind of sales, growth, and one transformed roofing business.

Geofencing, at its core, is a bit like that trusted toolbelt every roofer has. But instead of nails and hammers, it’s filled with virtual markers and targeted ads. By drawing virtual boundaries around specific areas – maybe a suburb with old houses or a zone recently hit by hailstorms – the company could send personalized ads to potential clients the moment they entered the ‘fenced’ region. Neat, right?

But what really made their strategy stand out was their creativity. Instead of just targeting homes, they geofenced around local hardware stores. So, imagine you’re a homeowner buying a DIY patch kit for that annoying leak. Your phone buzzes, and there’s an ad offering professional roofing services with a special discount. The timing is impeccable, and the offer? Hard to resist.

The company’s geofencing campaign was further turbocharged when they began analyzing foot traffic data. By identifying peak times when homeowners frequented areas within their geofences, they tailored their ad schedules accordingly. It wasn’t about bombarding folks with ads, but rather giving them a nudge at the right moment.

The stories that came pouring in were heartening. There was Mr. Davis, who had been procrastinating on his roof repair, only to be reminded (and nudged) by a timely geofencing ad during his coffee shop visit. Or the Andersons, who chanced upon the company’s offer while scouting for roof replacement quotes online.

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